LoginRadius Allows Businesses to Access Their User’s Profile Data

We all know that the registration process primarily focuses on collecting users’ information, which has a lot of implications for business and marketing. The biggest problems with this method are that users don’t have time to fill out long registration forms and don’t want to share their personal details, to the point where they sometimes provide inaccurate information.

LoginRadius not only eliminates the lengthy registration process by enabling social login on your website but also makes user data collection simpler and more efficient by collecting your users’ complete social identity, aka their profile data. Yes, we made it possible!

Let’s start by defining “User Profile Data”. A registered user on a social network has a lot of demographic and social information associated with his/her online profile – we call this “User Profile Data”.

So are you breaching users’ privacy and security by accessing and storing their profile data? Nope!! This information is delivered to LoginRadius by ID providers with the user’s full consent. There is no need to worry about the privacy & security of a user’s profile data or any legal issues.

So how does it work? Once you’ve added social login through LoginRadius, your users can log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc. When your users log in, they allow you to fetch their profile data and we collect & store them in your database. It’s as simple as that!!

User profile data collection is a secure, efficient and legal way to understand your user base and define marketing strategies.

You can see the screenshot below for a complete list of collectable data from each provider. We have also added this list in the Developer section under ‘User Profile Data’. (Currently, viewable to beta users only).

User Profile Data Sheet - LoginRadius

User Profile Data Sheet – LoginRadius

In a nutshell:
1) You can collect the most accurate user data without creating any additional hassle for the user.
2) You get a wide range of data, way more than you can collect through traditional registration processes.
3) You can even get up-to-date user profile data if the user updates his/her profile; all changes will be automatically reflected in your database the next time that user logs in.

We hope this amazing feature of LoginRadius will help your business grow faster. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Happy Social Login!

LoginRadius Team

PS: the hidden text is a good surprise coming soon🙂

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